Jane Tennison is a character in the British police procedural television drama that was created by Lynda La Plante and broadcasted in 1990’s and 2000’s. Jane is a British Detective Chief Inspector in Metropolitan Police Division starring Helen Mirren in the role which was appreciated a lot by the viewers.

The show clearly depicts that how a female manages to remain in the profession when it is highly dominated by males. The show also received Edgar Award in Best TV show category. The whole series focuses the role of a woman in Police Division and later she gets promoted as Detective Superintendent.

Prime Suspect

There are seven series of Prime Suspect and all the series are 100 and 200 min long. All the series shows the courage of detective Jane Tennison and how she investigates all the mysteries. She has four members in her team who help her in all the investigations.

Prime Suspect is based on Police Procedural format and is created by Lynda La Plante. Lynda is a great writer and has a great record for writing several novels about investigations. There are seven series which are included with nine episodes. All the episodes are exceptionally interesting and retain the interest of the customer from starting to the end.


The whole series was produced under the banner of Granada Television ITV productions. ITV productions have a reputed name in the world of fictional stories and characters. They have been released around 15 fictional characters and all the characters are published in the novels too.

The whole series of Prime Suspect was run from 7th April 1991 to 22 October 2006. However, there are several breaks in the broadcasting of this serial but in the end they succeed in completing the series. This is the first series of this type in which a woman holds a very responsive position in Detective Agency.

The first part of Prime Suspect features sexism at workplace and the other parts are also based on this theme. The second part features the institutional racism and the third one features paedophilia, prostitution and child abuse. As there is a lady at the top position in large detective agency, Jane had to fight with her work life and relationships.

She needs to maintain a perfect balance between her job and her private life. With the progression of series, she became alcoholic due to increased stress and tension but she soon get successful in tackling the alcohol addiction. The series of Prime Suspect are in multiple episodes and every part is included with 31/2 hours and was divided into three or four parts.

Three Cases

Prime Suspect 4 was exceptionally long and was divided into three cases in which every case was 41/2 hours long. Prime Suspect was aired in 1991 and was divided into two parts. Prime Suspect 2 was aired in 15th December 1992 and was 203 min long.

Prime Suspect 3 was aired in 19th December and its length is 207 min. Prime Suspect 4 has three parts with different titles including Lost Child, Inner Circles and Scent of Darkness. So, this character or series is the successful in terms of providing complete entertainment to the audience.

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