Jake Styles is an investigator brushed with experience, brain and unmitigated effrontery. He does it in the way nobody else does. Jake Styles is the investigator who uses his intellect to bring murderers and other notorious people to justice for their crimes.

He is one human being who has the responsibilities to get the crime settled and criminal booked for the crime. There are many critical crimes where Jake Styles gets obfuscated, but at the end, he tries his level best to bring out the absent link and join them one by one.

In his appearance he seems to give a normal outlook, where there is absolutely nothing extraordinary to feel about, but in his actions, Jake makes use of supreme intuitive reasoning and intellect to bring all the actions in one sequence.

You can call Jake as Jack-of-all-trades. He has good manly etiquettes; he has good body appeal, he talks sense with the non-criminals, and above all he has supreme professionalism stored in him. On no single occasion, you’d find him to be vacillating or doing head scratching, Jake Styles is supported by the people of his department, and he calls for them when there is extreme emergency and not otherwise.

Jake Styles is defined as one of the hardcore investigators who make use of all kind of pressure tactics and everything to get the clouds cleared from the crime scene. When it comes to professionalism and intellectual behaviour, you cannot simply consider Jake Styles comparable to somebody.

Jake Styles intellect and the style of solving the murder or for that matter any culpable homicide is simply too amazing. You cannot simply take him to be the one who can be easily controlled or overpowered. Think of Jake as a good human being who is striving hard to do good to people and the society around him. Jake Styles knows pretty well that there are notorious elements existing in the society, and in order to jolt their notoriety it is very necessary that one has to have the foresight on the order of their thinking and the actions they are likely to follow under a particular set of conditions.

When you see Jake Styles for the very first time, there is a different kind of aura and appeal you find in him. You find Jake’s actions to be justified and completely professional under the circumstances that he acts. It is the circumstantial evidence that Jake relies on that solves the crimes, and you should watch closely how he gathers the evidence.

Jake is the investigator who is respected among the ring of his friends, professional investigators, and his team and practically by everybody.

You have the reason to believe his intellect, because there’s a crime committed out there, and this crime is on record.

Jake Styles and his very professional style of solving the homicide and complex murder cases simply make him the popular investigator in the professional circuits. Jake is the best investigator who is ruling the series of fictional investigators.

The name of the series is Jake and the fatman.

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