Jack Regan is a fictional character who appeared in the British television series named “The Sweeney”. This series focuses on two members of Flying Squad that concentrate on trapping armed robbers and violent criminals. This series was created by Ian Kennedy Martin starring John Thaw, Dennis Waterman and Garfield Morgan.

John Thaw played the role of Detective Inspector Jack Regan who is accompanied by Detective Sergeant John Carter starring Dennis Waterman. The series was greatly appreciated on the British television and became quite popular because of its higher ratings. The increasing popularity led to the release of two feature films “Sweeney!” and “Sweeney 2” that were appreciated a lot by the viewers.

Jack Regan

Detective Inspector Jack Regan is the chief thief taker in the Flying Squad who has been portrayed as a tough man who uses his own techniques to solve the cases. Jack has a northern origin, but due to his living in London for a long time, his accent has modified to a great accent.

He is portrayed as a character that drinks and smokes heavily and sometimes even steals other people’s cigarettes to create humour in the show. Additionally, he is very good with women and maintains excellent relationships with them, but Carter is much better than Jack field and manages to keep himself surrounded by women all the time. Jack already has a wife Kate and daughter Susie who gets kidnapped in the last episodes.

In the episode named “Feet of Clay”, Jack helps an ex-informer whose son gets kidnapped and he asks Jack for help. Although, Regan is portrayed as a tough man, but every time he manages to help people around him like the ex-informer and even his boss when his wife goes missing.

Regan is also in the habit of bending the rules and laws of law enforcement so as to get to the bottom of the case and to find the actual criminal. In a few shows, he also makes arrangement to get the criminals kidnapped so as to solve the cases and to prove the innocence of the suspect.

He is a man with great self esteem which does not allow him to take bribe and carry out any such thing that will help him gain for his own interest.

Jack Regan is appreciated a lot by his team members, especially Carter and Haskins. Jack drives Ford Consul GT which was quite popular in 1970’s, but in some episodes he was also seen driving some other Squad cars. Otherwise, Jack also had his own car Vauxhall Victor and in the movie “Sweeney 2” he was seen driving blue Austin Maxi.

The Sweeney

From the beginning of the first episode of “The Sweeney”, Jack Regan had become quite popular among the viewers and he also achieved higher rating making the show a big success in a short time span. In addition to this, “The Sweeney” was considered as one of the modern police based series that was broadcasted on the British television and gained a lot of recognition from the viewers.

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