Jack Bauer is the male protagonist and detective from the popular American series 24. He is a flexible detective, who has served in various positions that include, including U.S. Army Delta Force, Los Angeles Police Department, SWAT, CIA. Jack have also played an instrumental role in the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU), the Department of Defence (in season 4), and the FBI (in season 7).

In the series 24, we find Jack as an efficient CTU agent who is given secret assignment to track down the terrorists. He has immense intellect and intuitive mind to craft a strategy to shot down the terrorists in country.

Jack Bauer is considered as the best team member in his entire unit, and his job is to prevent the potential threat from the terrorist attack. He has the informers, he has sound intellect, and he has the job to kill the terrorists. Yes, Jack does it all pretty skilfully and with great confidence. You cannot expect him of doing nuisance, as the whole of United Sates is under his protection.

Jack’s role is dual- he, not only has to protect the precious civilian lives from eminent terrorist attack, but also protect the United States of America administration. With such serious responsibility and hard work to do, Jack is just more than busy man who is always on the job, even while sleeping.

When it is Jack, you cannot simply take him for granted. He does everything in a smart way by threatening his life for a noble cause- the cause to save lives of millions out there, and above all help US Administration from any terrorist attack. Often it is seen that Jack puts his personal life as well as the life of his near and dear ones in danger, just to protect the nation from terrorism. Most of the times, his family has to bear the brunt in the form of threat calls from the terrorist organizations and their representatives.

Jack is those hard core detectives who love their job to the hilt, and also know what force to use to get out the secrets from the terrorists. He uses immense torture to get the secrets out of the suspects and many-a-times for this reason; he has generated the controversy and discussion among the higher circuits in his department.

About Jack’s education life, we are known that he has earned Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles and later on a Master of Science degree in Criminology and Law from University of California, Berkeley. After the completion of his master’s degree, Jack gained entry in US Army and subsequently joined Special Forces wing. During his tenure in the forces, he won prestigious stars as accolades, which included Silver Star, the Purple Heart, and the Legion of Merit.

Later, Jack resigned from the Army in the rank of Captain and worked the Los Angeles Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics unit and for the Central Intelligence Agency in the capacity of case officer secretively.

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