Inspector Trent is a fictional detective who has appeared many popular comic series. Trent is an investigator having a purpose and the mission to solve the case without allowing benefit of doubt to prevail. He has been active in solving business and family crimes which arising out of feud and personal grudges.

Inspector Trent is an affable individual who has special liking for the crime and investigates the crime by utilizing his undue intellect and amazing crime solving reasoning. He is one of those very few detectives who can just handle crime and investigations all alone.

But, on very few occasions Trent also takes help from the acolyte to look into different aspects of the crime scene. He has the knack to solve gruesome crimes of culpable homicide or for that matter anything which causes problems at the state or personal levels.

When we talk of personal disposition, he can be given the name of a dutiful and smart investigator who loves people, loves his job and all the more wants his country to be safe with no crime. Much like his disposition, Inspector Trent is an adamant and never say die attitude personality who solves the crime without any head scratching attitude.

You’d never see him sitting idle in his office and even at home. He is always calculating and reading through the case histories and more often than ever, Trent just talks to the accused to get into the sensitivities of the crime.

In the first series of Inspector Trent, you find Trent busy in searching for the criminal who murdered Edward Arnold. When Inspector first arrives on the scene, a the young doctor in charge, David Marsh puts up before everybody that Arnold died of natural causes, but this makes Inspector Trent all the more suspicious, and he starts investigating the crime from a different perspective, which eventually leads to solving the crime.

During the course of investigations, Inspector Trent is alarmed to find that victim who happens to be one John Fry is not real Arnold. As the investigation flows, inspector Trent explores that Arnold is alive and roaming free, changing the places from one home to another to nullify the effect of family curse. Again, the things take a wrong turn when Inspector Trent gets confused and entangled in the situation of finding the culprit who killed Fry.

There are many sinister characters who are questioned by the intellect of Inspector Trent. When describing about Trent’s esteemed intuitive thinking and reasoning, you cannot compare it with anybody from his department. He has always been a good inspector who strongly believed in the credos of honesty and dedication.

When there’s any crime committed anywhere in the area, you cannot expect him to sit and think, and he brings the culprit to justice as less time as he can. What’s more, people from his department praise him of his personality and the subtle ways of solving the crime without getting afflicted by the situations under which those crimes were committed.

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