Inspector Thorne was a popular crime drama, which was short lived. It was the drama that ran successfully over the NBC, and which was created by the creative minds and genius of Anne and Frank Hummert. Both, Anne and Frank Hummert are known as the prolific creators, writers, and producers of the series of melodramatic actions and daytime soap operas produced for American television, during the entire golden period of Radio.

Anne and Frank Hummert made use of their creative talents and created many detective characters during 1940s and early 1950s, presented in the form of amazing novels, the prominent fiction and detective series being Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons (1940-1944); Front Page Farrell (1944-1950); Mr. Chameleon (1949-1953); Inspector Thorne (1951) and Hearthstone of The Death Squad (1951-1952).

The role of Inspector Thorne is melodramatic and demanding, making the crime and the criminals run into their respective dens. He is the staunchest of the detectives who has the abilities at handling overbearing police officials and other people of different intellects and source.

Inspector Thorne has the adeptness of solving the crimes in one go, without causing any delays and any head scratching. Inspector Thorne does it all in a subtle and amazing way leaving the criminals thoroughly confused and swindled.

If somebody is murdered, or there’s burglary, or some other criminal problems hanging out there in the society of evils. Inspector Thorne gives the impetus to the criminals, which no other can do or have the abilities to do it. He is subtle analyzes the crime scenes, and goes back to the antecedents of the criminals before applying his peculiar harsh methods to extract the real statements from the criminals.

Inspector Thorne undertakes subtle measures while investigating the crime as this is essential for maintaining his security from the criminals. Criminals are lying in their den, and outside Inspector Thorne is investigating the crime scene to reach close to the criminals as fast as he can do. He is the real thorn for the criminals and a sensitive human being for his family and friends.

It is also told that Inspector Thorne has good and affable relationship with the people of his department. As far as his personal disposition goes, Inspector Thorne is the one who has impressive physique and intuitive working mind that helps him to reach to the crime scene as fast as he could do.

Inspector Thorne is one of the rarest crime investigators who have nothing but his intelligence working behind him. He is assisted by the assistants from his department. Rarely do you find Inspector Thorne using arms or ammunition against the criminals. Intellect… Yes that is what drives Inspector Thorne to the den of the criminal. It doesn’t matter what notoriety criminals hold, or what is the graveness of a crime scene…

Inspector Thorne is always playing in his own way and catching success. Inspector Thorne is built with the force who can strike through any kind of organized or unorganized crime. He is unique and distinct from others of his trait.

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