Inspector Hanaud of the Paris Sûreté is a friendly personality and a fictional private detective who just loves solving crime and booking criminals on the record. He is a complete professional both in his work, as well as in the private life. He leads a disciplined life, and on a very few occasions you’d find him to lose his temper.

We find Inspector Hanaud to be an honest man, and respected human being who makes use of his superb intellect and intuitive mind to come close to the crime and solves it with his own personal interest. Hanaud has many qualities stored in him, and the most awesome one is his way of talking and the subtle posture he maintains while talking to the culprit. Hanaud follows the values, which are distinctly British and Edwardian.

The main Gallic attribute shown by Hanaud is his style of using demotic kind of English, which is more witty than imbued with malapropism. You often find Gallic attribute in his demotic English, more witticism than malapropism, especially when he calls Paris as the “spirituous home,” and on one of the CID as the QED.

Inspector Hanaud is one of the very pleasing detectives who have a mix of personality, especially, Holmes-Watson combinations. You cannot expect any non sense or ill mannered act from Hanaud. All the cases are analyzed on the basis of their gravity, and it is only after that complete understanding of the case that Hanaud moves ahead. As a detective, Hanaud has the patience and the desired intellect that’d otherwise make the things turn to his favour. If you really want to see a detective who has the power to deal with three crimes, then certainly, Hanaud is the one to single out.

Inspector has been a prime detective that is given the intellect to solve complex crimes, such as murder, burglary and much more. You cannot think of him as any lethargic looking and normal looking detective. He has all the power to make the culprit speak about the crime scene, and that too just in minutes. And all this is done by Hanaud’s special ways that he incorporates to get the artefacts about the crime.

When we talk about Hanaud’s physical disposition, then certainly, there’s nothing, which seems to be very spectacular and amazing. From a distance Hanaud seems to be stout, broad-shouldered bourgeois, who presents the appearance of a comedian.

It is this very comical appearance that often misled the criminals and this gives all the advantage to Hanaud. There’s absolutely no doubt on the very credibility of Hanaud. He does all the justice when it comes to solving even the crimes of grave nature. What’s more, you can see him talking in a friendly way with the suspect, and on the very next second he turns into a lash, trying his best statesman skills to extract the secrets out.

Crime is on the rise in the streets, but with Hanaud out there, crime has no free outlet, that’s what the detective wants to dish out to the professional criminals.

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