Inspector Bucket is crime fictional detective who is seen in the subplot of the whodunit genres of novels. He is the popular investigator who comes in light in the novel “Bleak House” in the year 1853, and written by Charles Dickens.

In the “Bleak House” we find that the conniving lawyer Tulkinghorn is found lying in the pool of blood in suspicious conditions in his office, and the crime is investigated by the intellect of Inspector Bucket of the Metropolitan police force.

As the investigations proceed, you find there are many leads happening out there, and some of them are in disguise. It is seen that there were many people who visited lawyer Tulkinghorn in his office at night, and any one of them might have committed the murder. It is the duty of Inspector Bucket to investigate the leads and the suspects who made official and unofficial visit to Tulkinghorn’s office.

We find Inspector Bucket busy in searching the facts and the events to make a concrete and logical story line. Bucket leaves nothing untouched as he follow the suspects involved in the murder. As a person one finds him to be a cheerful personality, but on the contrary, he is always on the serious note when investigations are being conducted.

He uses analytics and psychology to approach the case and this helps him in the gradual development of the case. When it comes to Inspector Blake, you can’t think of him as a normal person who is just on the run, but rather you find him a valued professional who is respected in the department for everything he does and for everything he doesn’t do.

Whether it is crime of grave nature like homicide, or a family feud or burglary, you find Inspector Bucket utilizing his investigative skills and bringing refinement in the investigations. All the more, suspects who evade the crime scene are strictly followed to get into the depth. Inspector Bucket and his acolytes are always on the run to get close to the crime and look beneath it than what meets the eye.

There’s absolutely nothing unusual about his proceeding in the case, but his results of the case prove to be quite judgmental. When any one finds inspector Bucket in the criminal analysis, it seems as there’s direct interaction between the crime scene and his persona.

Practically, Inspector Bucket has that extra knack in him which makes the real difference in solving the crimes of grave nature. He has the intellect and the real analysis power that makes him different from other investigators of his times. What’s more, you will find inspector Bucket busy in the crime and intuitive thinking. Never will you find anything unusual about the solving the crime. But, certainly crime itself makes the things and the development of events unusual.

Inspector Bucket is the series that has all the adventure and misadventure and quite obviously, the adventures and misadventures are followed by the reasoning and mindful games.

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