Horst Schimanski is the character developed by Götz George is a fictional policeman who stars in German Tatort crime series. Horst appeared for the first time in 1981 with the episode titled, “Duisburg-Ruhrort,” and later continued to appear in the 29 episodes running through the season and until 1997. The production of episodes was done by WDR.

Horst Schimanski is a prototypical proletarian, who hails from mining city of Duisburg, and resides in the “Ruhrpott”-Area. Through the entire development of the episodes, Götz George has made the character of Horst Schimanski as harsh looking, who’s unkempt, uneducated, but certainly astute and intelligent in his thinking. He has to its credit many cases, whom he intelligently solved, with ease and conviction.

Further, through the entire adventure episodes, Horst Schimanski fights the challenge of any type with extreme courage and confidence. He has sense of respect for the minorities group and this is seen at various places in the episodes. He’s the man of substance and gives every case his personal attention. Horst has refined intellect which gives him the power to solve the case and bring the culprits to justice.

Horst’s good relations with minorities are one of the reasons why he is respected by almost everyone. His colleagues including his boss praise him for his attitude. From the very beginning, the character of Horst Schimanski is a classic showcase. He is disliked, because some people think that he is a disgrace to the police force. His admirers (German TV fans) on the other hand believe that his character is shown in a realistic way and they like him because of that. For them he is a grounded, street-smart fighter for justice which made him very popular. His opposition thinks that he is a law breaker and kind of grubby character.

Over the years of his practice and experience, Horst Schimanski has attained popularity as an amazing German figure and the popular Tatort character. Through his thoughts and actions, you can consider Horst as a figure which has many figures imbibed inside him. Horst is always ready to make the practice of keeping his cases up-to-date, and with all his intellect he tries to present a professional look for all the purpose and needs.

He presents the case in the court of law with extreme professionalism, and makes the efforts to bring everybody within the ambit of law. Horst is a detective who has different kinds of intrigue personalities, and it is this very fact that makes him the best moving detective in the complete official area.

Horst Schimanski differs from all aspects. His demeanours are shabby, but his actions are just. He hates the majority, but he loves the minority. He never considers or rather even thinks of completing the case in a haphazard manner. All he does is using his brain. He makes every effort that he keeps away from the sins, and this makes Horst a loyal character and amongst the masses.

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