Stories with fictional detective characters are admired a lot by the people and when a story is about a female detective character, it is definitely going to be cherished by the readers. Honey West is a fictional detective character created by Forest Fickling and Gloria Fickling.

This character is the first female that plays a role of private detective and has been featured in numerous mysteries. Honey West was first introduced through a mystifying story “This Girl For Hire” in the year 1957 and was really accepted by the readers.

Her popularity compelled her to be portrayed on the television, as well in the 1960’s starring Anne Francis as Honey West.

Honey West – TV Series

Anne Francis played the role of Honey West for the American television series and was really successful, as it portrayed a female private detective eye. Honey West is a perfect example of beauty with brain and she solves the cases very cleverly.

The TV series Honey West was produced by Aaron Spelling and was really cherished by the viewers for an inimitable concept. Although, the concept of a female private eye was new on television, Aaron Spelling managed to depict the show beautifully. The role that is generally played by a male actor, was appreciated a lot when it featured Anne Francis.

Honey West – The Character

Honey West is a self sufficient glamorous woman, who skilfully solves the cases and is capable of finding the difficult evidences that link to the mysteries. Unlike other women, Honey West is competent enough to fight and make shootouts.

Her entire wardrobe is filled with leopard prints and the character is very much inspired with this theme. She uses her sex appeal and excellent feminine qualities as a weapon to seduce men and then find evidences through them. She uses various devices which are generally techie like lipstick case with a hidden radio, exploding compact, tear gas earrings and many similar gadgets.

Honey West works with a partner “Sam” who usually works inside the surveillance van which is technically outfitted with scientific gadgets and always keeps in touch with Honey West through a radio. Honey and Sam have a very friendly relationship and they both help each other in a synchronized manner.

From the year 1958 to 1971, the character Honey west was featured in several stories so as to solve the mysteries. The character in TV series played by Anne Francis also has a pet named ocelot which she loves a lot. The character was very much appreciated by the young women and they were pleased to see a strong female as a role model playing a character of a private eye detective.

The show became a classic hit on the television, although it was a short lived series. Several gimmicks in the show have been inspired from the series James Bond, but were not as effective as James Bond Series, but still viewers enjoyed the sensational woman as a detective.

To cherish the complete series, people can also purchase the DVDs’ from the stores or can even go in for online websites.

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