Agatha Christie’s fictional character Hercule Poirot is one of the most popular among all imaginary detectives, resolving many mysterious cases, which includes the novels such as ‘Murder of Roger’ and ‘Murder on Orient Express’.

Hercule Poirot is the most prodigy detective, which has been featured in Agatha Christie’s 34 novels and several other short stories. This character hails from Belgium who retired from the Belgian Police department in 1904 and was deported to England during First World War.

Hercule Poirot

When Hercule was in England he was noticed with suspicion as foreigner, who had waxed moustache, with oval shaped head, and dialect, and the neighbours tend to underrate his detective capabilities. He was very intelligent and had an eye for finding out the details and figure out any meaning from his enthusiastic observations.

Hercule is quite charming and also arrogant and usually calls himself as the greatest mind in England. At the same time he demands admiration from his friends. Captain Arthur Hastings was true friend who on most occasions stumbles into providing important evidence. Chief Inspector James Japp of Scotland Yard, who respect Hercule and claims to have solved most cases before the police force. Adriane Oliver, who is a mystery novelist, acts as an alter ego and Georges is a faithful servant.

The Hercule Poirot fictional detective series may be divided into short stories and novels. In most novels, Poirot has already retired and just desires to be left alone, but is persuaded by his friend to solve a case as he was aware of his strong wisdom of justice. In short stories, Hercule is residing with Hastings and works as a private detective, often solving civil crimes such as blackmails and thefts.

Best of Hercule Poirot mystery publications

The Mysterious Affair at Styles- Published in 1920, was the first fictional Poirot mystery. In this novel, Hastings is invited for a stay at the country estate in Styles Court, when rich Emily Inglethorp is found murdered. Suspicion bounds in all the members of the house, particularly on second husband who is much younger and on the two step sons. Luckily, Hastings persuades Hercule Poirot to solve the murder case.

Murder on the Orient Express- This renowned Agatha Christie’s mystery published in 1934 was transformed into a star studded motion picture in 1974. In this story Hercule is travelling on Orient Express from Istanbul to Calais. It is discovered that one passenger named Rachett is brutally murdered in the adjoining compartment. The train gets stuck in the thick of snow, and Poirot should interrogate some diverse, interesting characters in order to get to the culprits.

The Labours of Hercules – this short story was published in 1947, and portrays that Hercule is on the verge of retiring, and wants that cases to be comparable to the mythical ‘Twelve Labours of Hercules’. These are the mysteries that deal with blackmails, thefts and also murder.

Curtain- this novel was actually written during Second World War, but was published in 1975. In this novel Poirot reunites with his friend Hastings at the same Styles Court, that has been renovated into a hotel. Hercule comes to track a murderer who is involved in several cases. There are many more deaths, including Poirot , who solves the case even after death.

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