Hec Ramsey is a television Western, and a popular and a fabulous detective series, produced by Jack Webb’s production company, named, Mark VII Limited, along with Universal Studios. The series became immensely popular for the entire season for which it was broadcasted in US on NBC under the NBC Mystery Movie wheel show.

The series was seen as the transition between the fading 19th century and the ravishing 20th century. It was the time during which everything was changing so drastically, and nobody was able to track or tap the sudden change. Besides, the most important factor that needs to be noticed was complete change in the dynamics of the crime. New age criminals were being made, and new and innovative criminal handiworks were being created.

Hec Ramsey was the witness to this change. He was a man of transition in himself. As he was aware about the old criminal society, he had also acquired the knowledge on the new age crimes and the criminal psyche in general.

The new investigative methodologies were beginning to be practiced, and the voice was loud and clear – to track the criminals and to keep the crime at bay. The time of Hec Ramsey was the time of legal differentiation, and Ramsey had nicely adapted to the changing environs of crime and the criminals.

Hector “Hec” Ramsey, was originally a gunfighter/lawman, but gradually he developed liking for emerging area of activity which later became popular as the science of forensics. Though, he had in his possession the firearm, but it had transformed from the earlier low-slung “gunfighter” rig type into short barrel Single Action Army-type revolver.

Amidst all this event of gun fire, Hec Ramsey’s most significant and important weaponry included fingerprinting equipment, magnifying lenses, scales, besides other related search tools. With his advanced tools and equipment he was ready to track down the criminals and book them for the crimes they have committed. Hec Ramsey is an intuitive and intelligent forensic researcher who is well-versed with all the latest techniques and technology that help him to nab the criminals and bring them to justice.

He makes use of the advanced technology to analyze the crime scene and also the reasons behind the crime. Further, utilizing the technology and his intellectual brain, Hec Ramsey makes the complete strategy to book the evading criminals. It is all about time and space, and of course accuracy of the criminal analysis and Hec Ramsey is good at maintaining the balance between all of them.

Hec Ramsey after becoming expert in using innovative technology makes his headway to the fictional town of New Prospect, Oklahoma in the capacity of deputy police chief.

On his first engagement when he lands in the town, Hec is all the more surprised to see that chief of police, Oliver B. Stamp is a young and dashing individual, but at the same level, he holds little experience as a lawman.

Though there are initial professional skirmishes, but very soon unison develops in their relationships. And both work together to fight the crime.

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