The location for the series “Hawaiian Eye” was the beautiful tropical landscape of Honolulu. The story was about the cases of Hawaiian Eye Private Investigations and the two fanciable, clever, tough-guy detectives who ran the firm.

Their names were Thomas Jefferson Lopaka, played by Robert Conradas and Tracy Steele, played by Anthony Eisley, a Korean War veteran and a former city police detective. They had their office in the Hawaiian Village Hotel, where they also worked as house detectives.

Sometimes they were assisted by a boon, ukulele-strumming Hawaiian taxi driver with the name Kazuo Kim, played by Poncie Ponce. He had got a numerous relatives living all over the Hawaiian Island and they were all willing to help the detectives, if they needed it.

Furthermore they were subsidized by a nightclub singer and photographer with the name Chryseis “Cricket” Blake, played by Connie Stevens.

Their contact on the police force was Lt. Danny Quon, played by Mel Prestidge who was always on call to provide any vital information that could help the Eyes to crack the case.

There were 134 sixty minute episodes which were directed by Robert Sparr, Dick Benedict, Bob Totten, Irving J. Moore, Charles Rondeau, George Waggner, Robert Douglas and produced by Stanley Niss, Charles Hoffman and Ed Jurist. The executive Producer was William T. Orr.

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