Guido Brunetti is the protagonist and fictional detective hero, a police commissioner by profession, of crime novels written by American novelist by Donna Leon. Leon has control over the entire characters, and she can make the characters of her novel play and interplay with quite an ease. The whole series of crime novels written by Donna Leon are set in Venice, Italy.

Guido Brunetti confidently solves the crimes in and around his home town, Venice, and he solves them quite efficiently, leaving no scope for the doubt. On several occasions, Guido has solved the crime, showing supreme efficiency. Italy and in particular Venice is shown in a squalid limelight, where underworld crime is high, and many of the business houses are shown to have involvement in the crime.

Guido Brunetti does everything serious to get the society free of crime of grave nature, and in the course of duration, he solves the crime cases with complete professionalism. Even the colleagues of Guido like him for his esteemed professionalism and instant decision. He makes every good and bad effort to control the organized crime form happening, and in the process often becomes cynical about the whole thing.

Often after solving the crime, Guido Brunetti recluses back to his cynical attitude, only to find comfort and confidence in the company of his wife named n the company of his wife, Paola. Guido Brunetti’s wife is born to Venice’s oldest families, and she’s also a hereditary contessa. Further, Guido has two lovely children from Poala, named Raffi and Chiara. Paola is an English teacher by profession, and she often gets excited over by the spirit of 1968.

There is contrast in the life of Guido. At one place he fights crime and corruption which are completely dowsed in extremities, and on the other hand there’s peaceful family warmth which he finds leaping him when he comes back to home.

Brunetti is also supported by many other people to collect information and do other ground work. While on the one hand Venice’s head of police, Vice-questore Patta, is just a hopeless identity having mean attitude, whereas, all-knowing and well-connected Signorina Elettra, who’s Patta’s secretary helps Brunetti for the research work.

Commissario Brunetti is completely known about the paradox that beautiful city of Venice has stored in its ambit. Over the years of his service in Police department, he has become educated on the nature of crimes committed in Venice. For him, every day begins with the probability of occurrence of new crime, and every day ends in the arms of her beautiful wife.

He leaves no effort to solve the case, and also does them in a confident way. Hardly, you’d find Commissario Brunetti vacillating or doing head scratching. He’s the man who has all the professionalism and intuitiveness to act diligently against the case.

Guido Brunetti is an amazing commissioner and a committed family man who knows how to make the balance between family life and the professional life. You’d never find him to ignore or settle for less.

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