Goldy Bear is the name of a fictional character who is a good recipe maker, and incidentally who is also a private detective. His role as a caterer and detective is wall acclaimed and well- plotted.

The character was the result of the creative mind of Diane Mott Davidson, who has written many mysteries about Goldy in separate novels.

We can see Goldy in different roles, than just playing a caterer. She’s is good at solving the cases, just like she is a good connoisseur. Her subtle knowledge about crime analysis makes her popular, and the best thing about her is that she can handle any crime case with complete professionalism.

Goldy makes delicious dishes, continental, European, or for that matter any kind of dish and all her dishes are liked by the customers. She is more than just a detective or a caterer. Her intuitive bent of mind has par excellence and she is adept in reading human psychology, which is very rarely seen in other characters. She’s good at many things, but the best things that she creates are original in their own very sense.

Goldy Bear is very protective in her nature. She loves the people around. She cares for her friends and acquaintances. But most of all she loves her son. She never misses the free time to ask about the well being of her son. Her son is also emotionally attached to Goldy, and both of them present a good example of mother-son love.

It is also told that she undermines any direct or indirect threat that comes to her family. She starts investigating the reasons behind the threats, and moreover, Goldy has little trust on the professional police or federal detectives. Here again, it is the very need that turns her into an investigator.

Goldy understands what went wrong, and how to undo the things. She has intelligent way of finding the crimes, and it is his catering profession that comes to her rescue most of the times. You will find the creative investigative intellect all the time, and moreover, there’s absolutely nothing that would otherwise resolve or unresolved her from getting near to the possible threat events.

Whether it is the question of threatening her family members, or the acquaintances in general, we find Goldy to be always on duty, exploring and following the events altogether. When it is Goldy, you can never under estimate her professional as well as persona; credibility.

She finds herself always preoccupied with the work. Sometimes, Goldy takes the help of Tom, who’s the investigator at the local police station.

Arch, Goldy’s adorable and lovable son also helps him at times in the cooking. But amongst all the things, she is a responsible mother who knows how to investigate the wrong, and put it right.

Diane Mott Davidson, creator of Goldy Bear character, has been herself been a connoisseur of different food variety and in the character one comes to know about different recipes from across the world.

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