Gilbert “Gil” Grissom, Ph.D. is a popular and intellectual fictional character enacted by William Petersen over the American TV crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Gil Grissom is a hard working detective, especially when you see him working as night-shift supervisor of the Clark County, Nevada CSI (forensics) team.

His intellect is playing powerful role, when he lashes on the criminals and analyses the inner complexities of the crime and the criminals. He intelligently and astutely fights the crime in and around the city of Las Vegas. Gil Grissom is the protagonist of series 1 to 9. The name Gil comes from the fishing habit of investigator.

Gil Grissom is a smart investigator who is busy in the crime lab, searching for missing crime links, and striving harder when the links are joined together. For him, tracking the criminals and crime sequence is the most essential part of his life.

He spends working hard and harder to resolve the crime and the criminals in a faster way. The people from his department like him for his astute commitment towards his profession.

Gil Grissom had an average family profile and upbringing. He was born on August 17, 1956 to Santa Monica, California middle class family.

Grissom’s father was a botany teacher in a local college, and he passed on the traits of sciences to his intelligent son. It was the intellectual contact with his father that Gil became interested in life sciences, and that gave him the platform to be a smart forensic expert.

When Gil Grissom was just 9-years old his father passed away, leaving him burdened with many questions and queries. His interest for doctor began in the childhood itself, and he often used to play doctor by performing necropsies on small and the deceased animals surrounding his locality.

Gil’s mother had turned deaf due to rare genetic disorder termed as Otosclerosis. She was the woman behind his studies and extreme fondness for the books. After his mother became handicapped, Gil looked for alternative means of communication to be able to talk with his mother. As the result he began learning American Sign Language and soon become fluent and expert in it.

In the earlier series, you come to learn that Gil Grissom himself is suffering from degenerative disease, but soon he took medical treatment and this resulted in preventing the disease from developing further. In a pass you also come to know that Gil lost in the science competition during his school days. He is addressed as “the kid with the ants”.

In the school times, Gil was often called as “Ghost” because he did not belong to any particular group or school team.

In the college, Gil financed his first body farm from the earnings that he got after winning high stakes in the poker game.

Simultaneously, Gil made his presence to the boxing matches for learning patterns of bruise formations on the human body and how the blood oozes out in case of the injuries.

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