Dr. Fu Manchu is a marvellous and intuitive fictional character, which for the first time featured in the series of novels written and published by English author Sax Rohmer in the first half of the 20th century.

The doctor appeared in variety of formats in cinema, television, radio, comic strips and comic books. Manchu has an appealing personality, much of which is liked by the people and the audience in general.

The best lines that describe Dr. Fu Manchu are – tall, lean and feline, high-shouldered, with a brow representing much like Shakespeare and a face, which bears close resemblance to the Satan. He has the intellectual sense, and this is primarily acquired through his study of science and technology. He is aware about all the past and the present innovations and discoveries which happened in the field of science.

At times, it is this very knowledge of Dr. Fu Manchu that ultimately comes to stand beside him and give him the confidence to resolve the subtle complexities involved in the crime. For those who find Dr. Fu Manchu to be simple; doesn’t seem to take the right and meaningful adventure of his physical disposition.

Dr. Fu Manchu is seen and presented much alike of the man with yellow peril incarnate. These three hard words describe Manchu is a more subtle way than any other thing. Dr. Fu Manchu happens to be the master criminal who plots his murderers using the subtle art of treachery. He is the one who makes use of black spiders and other unique species of animals to commit crime.

He also holds the expertise of using the natural chemical weapons. Fu Manchu has also got intense liking for the bacteria, fungi, pythons and the hamadryads. He disregards use of guns and explosives, and emphasizes on the use of the skills honed by dacoits, Thuggee, and secret society members as his agents.

Dr. Fu Manchu is also known to have increased his lifespan by the use of special life formula known as – the elixir vitae. Further, when China is taken over by the communists, Dr. Fu Manchu take all the pride to fight back the communist treason and establish old Chinese hegemony. He is known to many secret missions that involved act of treasons committed against the countries.

Further, it is also told that his daughter, Fah lo Suee who has a devious mastermind, traits which she has acquired from her father. Her real name is not known all through the series and Fah lo Suee that she takes right from her childhood. She’s the one who eventually makes the things go astray for Si-Fan.

Fu Manchu is the best known and the earliest living examples of super villain. The character holds similarity with Professor Moriarty. His moustache has come to be established as Manchu moustache. Dr. Fu Manchu is among the personalities who are close to the crime in one respect, and criminals in the other.

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