Frank Faraday is a suffering detective, who had himself been a victim, and this victimization made him learn many things about the crime world and the law enforcement agencies working in line to curb the crime. He is the detective who had suffered long, before taking to criminal analysis.

At the very beginning of the series, it is seen that he had been proclaimed of committing the crime, and for which he is sentenced to 25-years in a South American jail. He pleaded guilty for the crime, but in vain.

After serving long jail term, Frank Faraday came out completely changed, and moreover, the world outside had also changed completely. It was not the world which he had seen 25-years ago, when he was falsely convicted for the crime. He now had a son named Steve, and quite amazingly, he knew little about his son.

Steve was born to his love and secretary named Lou Carson during hid jail term. During all these years, Steve had developed a youthful and intellectual detective. Steve is smart and has many of the intelligent traits of his father. Steve has taken all the beauty from her mother.

It is due to the intellect and careful analysis of Steve that he tracked down the actual criminal who had committed the crime. He freed his father from all accusations that were wrongly made against him and for which he himself was not to blame. After coming out of the jail Frank begins his life fresh with Steve, and joins the forces along with his son. Both of them now operate in a Los Angeles detective agency, primarily specializing in security investigations and research and analysis.

However, there is always a kind of schism between Steve and his father Frank. And the reasons are quite obvious. Frank often resorted to the traditional style of nabbing the criminals and bringing them to justice, Steve on the other hand used techno savvy electronic gadgets to track down the criminals to justice. In fact, sometimes, Steve is correct in using the techno high gadgets for nabbing the criminals because criminals are also using them. But amidst all the schisms both like each other; and Steve has all the respect for his father.

Frank Faraday implements his intellect, while Steve extensively uses technology and his astute legal mind. Both are correct in their own sense, but it is necessary to change with times… that are what Steve essentially feels. Steve knows from his heart that the methods that his father was using were good during the times of his father, but not now.

Leaving alone the father-son duo fray aside, Frank Faraday is an awesome detective who has the reasoning and the intuitive power to go through and through the crime. And after serving the sentence for the crime which he had actually not committed, Frank has become all the more cautious. Truly put across, Frank Faraday is the man of substance, and of course intellect, still in the modern times where he struggles against the crime and criminals.

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