Flash Casey is a detective with difference. He works in a smart way; in fact, he is smarter than the other detectives. He begins as a photographer at Globe-Press. But before that he is working as a freelancer. He takes the pictures Rodney Addison (Matty Kemp), who happens to be the son of the Globe-Press owner Major Addison (Holmes Herbert). Flash catches son of the Globe-Press owner while he is kissing French dancer Mitzi LaRue (Suzanne Kaaren).

Finally, Blaine gives Flash the job of photographer, just as the means to suppress the wrong doings of his bad son. Flash is not given the job of a regular staff photographer, but, he has to assist regular staff photographer Wade (Cully Richards). Ultimately, it is Wade who gets the advantage for the pictures taken by Flash.

Casey is an investigative photographer, and he carries out all the coverage of yellow journalism. Flash takes the pictures, and ultimately gives it to his senior Wade who uses them to gain favours for it. The only likable and lovable thing in Flash’s life is his romance with Kay Lanning (Boots Mallory), who is known to be the paper’s society editor and besides, plays the role of sob-sister columnist. It is through Kay Lanning that he comes into direct interaction of meets Lawrence (Howard Lang). Lawrence is editor of the weekly pictorial magazine named as “Snap News.” The magazine is published by Globe-Press.

Gus Payton (Harry Harvey) the assistant photographer associated with to Lawrence is bribed by Bliane to pass on his best pictures to city desk. Infuriated by the act of Gus Payton, Lawrence bluntly accuses him of having done double dealing. Payton quits the job, and opens up a photo shop, and Payton secretly finances the shop through gangland chief Ricka (Victor Adams.)

This gives golden opportunity for Flash to serve under the experience of Lawrence. Flash also does favors to Kay, and attends the Globe-Press annual charity garden-bazaar and undertakes photo coverage for the society page in which Kay is heading.

The most prominent project taken by Flash includes taking the picture of Major Addison, in which he is shown in a lewd light throwing the arms casually over the young girl’s shoulder. Flash takes the photograph for development to Payton’s shop who manipulates them by showing Major Addison and the girl to appear in pyjamas and a negligee. Further, Payton passes on the pictures to Ricka who attempts to blackmail Addison.

Later Addison gets fired Flash for being loose on the vital piece of information. However, on the other side, Payton and Ricka plan to murder Addison, and order the henchman to get him killed. Addison is finally murdered.

There’s absolutely no doubt that Flash Casey is an amazing crime photographer, who gets into the seriousness and brings the negative shades of popular personalities to the society. He is one of those professional photographers who just love photography and profession.

Flash Casey is honest about his profession and leads the life of complete honesty.

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