Dr. House also known and popular as House, M.D. is a famous American television medical drama, which went on air on Fox Network. Dr. Gregory House, played by Hugh Laurie, was the male protagonist of the drama.

Gregory House is described as an innovative and intelligent medical genius who has a smart and efficient team of diagnostics working under him. Dr. House and the medical unit works at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH) in New Jersey.

During the first three seasons, the diagnostic team comprised Dr. Robert Chase, Dr. Allison Cameron, and Dr. Eric Foreman respectively. However, by the end of season three, the team gets separated, only acquiring Foreman from the earlier list of the members, and later joined by three new members Dr. Remy “Thirteen” Hadley” , Dr. Chris Taub, and Dr. Lawrence Kutner.

You would often find Dr. House entering into acerbic clashes with his boss, who is also the hospital administrator and Dean of Medicine Dr. Lisa Cuddy.

He often enters into heated discussions with the diagnostic team working under him and the primary reason for development of heated arguments is that most of times, the patients’ illnesses have many controversial insights, and which later on create problems all by themselves.

House has only one friend to confide his secrets and discuss his problems. His name is Dr. James Wilson who is head of the Department of Oncology. There are remarkable similarities between the character of Sherlock Homes created by Sir Arthur Canon Doyle and Dr. House. For example, he follows the concept of psychology, even in those cases where it is not even required.

Just like Sherlock Holmes character, he applies inductive reasoning to come close to the events which led to crime, and lastly, Dr. House makes use of his judgment in selecting the cases. To be precise, he seems to be too judgmental in choosing the cases.

At times, Dr. House also utilizes methodologies of elimination and investigatory analysis to draw a genuine conclusion that would ultimately help him to resolve complex cases. He eliminates the diagnoses in a logical way, in the manner and act as done by Sherlock Holmes. And further, like Holmes, Dr. House has interest in playing musical instruments, as it soothes the mind and body. Dr. House has keen liking for the piano, the guitar, and the harmonica, whereas Sherlock Holmes is good playing violin.

What’s more, we find Dr. House seems to be addicted with Vicodin, whereas, Holmes make use of cocaine occasionally. These similarities between Dr. House and Holmes make him a choicest medical detective and a popular series altogether. You’d find Dr. House meddling with some or the other type of research to tell the story of mysterious crime from a dead body. In addition, he’s doing all types of analysis to develop a consolidated report to solve the crime.

Further, Dr. James Wilson is the one who helps Dr House in his research and development. It is seen that Dr. Wilson’s chemistry matches with Dr House, and both feel comfortable to discuss the problems.

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