Dick Barton is a special agent programme broadcast on the BBC Light programme from the year 1946 to 1951.

It was BBC’s first daily serial featuring ex-Commando Captain Barton who along with his professional partners like mates Jock Anderson (Alex McCrindle) and Snowy White (John Mann) made their efforts to resolves the crime issues.

Further, Barton prevents the nation from disasters and many other anti-national threats several times along with her companions.

The series Dick Barton is produced by Norman Collins and the scripts were written by Edward J. Mason and Geoffrey Webb. Further, the series was also the frontrunner to the popular catchphrase “With one bound Dick was free!”.

The phrase in general meant that irrespective of the atrocity of the situation that he found in the evening, Dick devised strategic and easy ways to get off the crime and solve it in a professional way.

Dick Barton has been a commando, and he makes excellent use of his commando training skills to book the criminals to justice.

He is a hard-nosed detective who has the innate ability to clear things off his desk. And in this endeavour, he is helped by his assistants. If you are struck by the criminal, just give a call at the Barton’s office and you would soon see his team following the criminal and that too in a stealth manner.

There are different procedures that Dick Barton goes through his entire lifetime. Right from rescuing a girl from the clutches of wrong guys to direct dealing with hardcore criminals, you’d find him doing the job in any kind of situation.

Dick Barton is a person of courage and brain, and he makes use of them while solving the case. You simply cannot think him of just any normal cool detective. He is always on duty, whether inside or outside the city.

Dick Barton is one of those sorts who really know how to manage the things efficiently, and how to nab the criminals without actually letting them know about it. Barton is matured in his thinking and the work that he performs.

His acolytes are all praise for him and his professional skills. When it is Dick Barton, there is always a confidence that even the most hardcore criminals or terrorists will be nabbed in no time.

What’s more, apart from nabbing the criminals red-handed, Barton is also efficient enough to make instant strategies that’d otherwise help him solve the most serious cases within time.

Sex has no role to play in the Barton series. Barton is serious about crime and its aftermaths on the society, and therefore, most of the time.

Besides, dealing with usual crime scenes, Barton is also clear and knowledgeable about the crimes of treason.

Such crimes take the country on the ransom. It is all serious matter when Barton is working out there. And you cannot expect him to be lethargic about the crimes and the criminals.

Dick Barton is the man who has all the productivity and much to solve the crime.

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