Both, David Addison & Maddie Hayes are the moonlighting detectives who are known for their detective works and investigative skills.

Moonlighting is the television series, which brought screwball romantic comedy, though the genre of comedy is no more popular these days.

The popular investigative series has hatred, light comedy, love-hate relationship and much much more. Of course, you cannot simply forget the investigative strategies implemented by the duo.

Maddie works in the Blue Moon detective agency. Maddie Hayes is a beautiful and winning model plans to settle after Maddie’s business manager leaves the town taking away most of her assets.

The Blue Moon Detective Agency is run by David Addison and the agency is seen as the means to dodge the tax. Sooner an unexpected mystery happened and both the owner as well as the employee gets entangled and there’s a kind of love-hate relationship begins to develop.

David is characterized by rough appearance, as seen by his unshaven and unwashed face. He has a lighter note, and always follows the hilarious note. Maddie, on the other hand is a dashing hot lady who is focused on her work, and she has her own pre-set notions.

David Addison is the detective who has otherwise nothing added to his personality, except the very gaze of madness in his eyes. However, he has many sides of his life, as the former Philly boy is simply an unforgettable person in the whole series.

His physical disposition is described as deep green eyes and heavy lidded, who is handsome, or rather ruggedly handsome. David is basically a conman from his heart, and who has a caring heart towards the others.

David is a good man by nature who is in mid thirties and has a sweet bubbly smile. A raggedly handsome, who is adorned in torn T shirt and sweat pants. Maddie is the girl who has the professional skills and works in David’s office. He looks into the detective works, and does the regular meetings with the individuals who are directly or indirectly related to the case.

David Addison & Maddie Hayes plays the role of investigators in the series. While one is the assistant, and the other just shows off here bossy appeal all through the series, without producing any kind of real appeal.

Maddie is an honest employee who seems to be at work most of the times, and she is all concerned about earning her bread and butter.

She’s actually least aware about what his boss is doing or intends to do in the detective agency that he has opened up.

The detective agency shows up hardly any profitable venture. All that is going inside the agency is work to show off the adventure.

Maddie is grappling with all sorts of case files. And if there are any cases that actually turn up.

Maddie herself doesn’t adequately handle the burden. Yes, plainly put, it is just hogwash, and to cover the tax returns that David had to otherwise pay.

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