Datchery is a fictional series investigator that forms integral part of Charles Dickens novel titled, “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” He is the investigator of serious nature who uses Sherlock Holmes style to bring the crime into highlight.

There’s absolutely no air of mistrust or misconception in the entire episode, when Datchery is solving the crime of mysterious missing of Edwin Drood. Datchery is all full of vigour and action and he starts following the events that can be the suspected behind missing of Datchery.

Every small and big event is carefully analyzed and arranged in order to bring a logical conclusion. One cannot be left stranded in the mid way when Datchery is solving the criminal case.

The amazing thing about Datchery solving the case is about his own very personal intellect. He makes use of sound judgmental qualities to analyze the crime situation and the conditions seen over the crime scene.

You cannot simply take Datchery for granted at any moment. Yes, he is the rarest of rare intellectual detectives who uses all possible and impossible ways to come over the crime facts and scenes. Datchery is supported by his acolyte in solving the case about the crime and the criminals.

Datchery is a good human being on personal front, but when it comes to solving heinous crimes committed against humanity or country, he becomes one of the aggressive human beings whose introspective eyes are always finding some things or the other in their own natural and unnatural ways.

Never will you find Datchery in any kind of procrastination. He is one of the able detectives who knows his duty well and knows how to deal with the criminals. He gives logical precedence to the entire sequence of events, and once these events are resolved, he is automatically at the forefront of catching the criminal. That’s the trick Datchery always implements in solving the crime.

When he is hired to deal with the murder o the case involving homicide, he looks into the very gravity of the matter. Datchery makes use of logical and analytical reasoning to explore something fishy and new on the scene. What’s more, Besides, Datchery has the necessary skill and intellect to make things work themselves out.

Crimes are investigated in a unique way, and he very rarely uses the services of his acolyte. He trusts nobody, and this is very obvious because it is the world of crime and criminals, and a little of misinterpretation or wrong information would automatically lead to blunder.

When you watch the mannerism and disposition that Datchery finally puts in the case, you find that there’s a lot of difference in what he says and what he does. Again, this is an important characteristic of a good investigator. You cannot expect an investigator to be simply an honest man. He is always on duty to fish out dangerous criminals, and if he portrays honesty, he would soon become the scapegoat at the crime scene.

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