Dan Tanna is a fictional character portrayed as a private eye detective in the American television series Vega$. The show was created by Michael Mann starring Robert Urich, Phyllis Davis, Bart Braverman, Tony Curtis, Naomi Stevens, Judy Landers and Greg Morris.

Robert Urich played the role of Dan Tanna, the private eye detective and the complete series has been shot in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dan Tanna drives a red Ford Thunderbird to investigate the crimes and to make Las Vegas a safer place for the natives. Being a private eye detective, he solves different cases and helps Los Angeles to keep crime free.


Vega$ is a series that has featured Los Angeles completely, as all the scenes have been shot here. Dan Tanna stays in a warehouse in Las Vegas Strip which he has ultimately converted it into his dwelling.

One of the most exciting things about Dan Tanna is that he uses latest gadgets which make it easier for him to deal with crime and criminals. He carries a .375 Magnum handgun which he hates to use, but is compelled by the demands of the situation. He has been dealing with different cases and has always succeeded to investigate the case.

Captain Tanna

Dan Tanna is also referred as Captain Tanna as he was serving as an officer in United States Air Force. Dan has two close friends namely Harlon Two Leaf and Mitch Costigan who are chief of local Native American tribe and a lounge singer, respectively. Both Harlon and Mitch help Dan while solving some cases and even facilitate in various investigations.

Dan also has an assistant, Phyllis Davis who is a single mother and prior to joining Dan, she was a showgirl. Her husband dies due to some reasons which have not been revealed in the series. She assists Dan in investigating crimes and their relationship is purely friendly.

Lt. David Nelson played by Greg Morris is not portrayed as a close friend, but he sometimes assists Dan in solving cases, especially the ones which are not allowed to be officially touched.

Other Characters

The character Binzer in the show creates a comic situation every time and relieves people around from tension. Initially, Binzer was portrayed as a thief who entered Las Vegas in order to escape from his former crime partners. Dan Tanna uses Binzer’s connections of street to find out various links to the cases and to solve the mysteries.

The show has been appreciated a lot by the viewers; the kind of tricks, tools, arms and gadgets that he uses to solve the case make the series quite interesting.

In the first few episodes, Dan had another assistant as well, but as she screwed up things she was featured only in few episodes.

Other characters also play an important role in helping Dan Tanna to get to the bottom of every case, find details, reflect upon evidences and unearth the criminals. People can acquire the DVD box set of this series and can enjoy watching the seasons uninterruptedly.

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