Dan Fortune is quite familiar with the streets of NYS as he was born there but sadly he lost his hand in an accident while looting docked ship. So, from here, Dan Fortune decided to leave the path of crime and wanted to become a straight person. After working for a long time in Merchant Marine, Dan returned to home for PI ticket and he opens his own private detective agency in Chelsea.

Dan is really a hardboiled guy and has to depend upon his compassion and intelligence. However, Dan is well educated and empathetic for others which is the best quality in him. People can openly speak their problems and take advices from him.

This character is created by Michael Collins who was a well known writer of his times. There are several novels, books, television serials and films are based upon this character and still it is quite popular among people.

Collins is a very intelligent writer and he wrote several novels and books on various characters. There were several radio serials or TV shows of Dan Fortune which were broadcasted on American televisions and all these serials provided remarkable quality, style and of course bravery too.

There are several novels published on this character and some of them include Act of fear, Night of Toads, Silent Scream, Blue Death, The Slasher, Minnesota Strip, Freak, Chasing Eights, red Rosa, Shadow of Tiger, Castrato and many other novels. All these novels gained much hype at that time and are still in the minds of fans.

There are two famous books published on this character which include Crime, Punishment and Resurrection (1992) and Fortune’s World (2000). Both these books provide a clear vision to the readers about this character.

This is the best chance for the Dan’s fans as they can know each and every treasure of this wonderful character. Numerous book stores have collection of Michael Collins novel collection but one can purchase it from several online stores too.

There are several short stories published as there is a huge list of short stories so it is not possible to mention all. Some of them are “Long Shot”, “Oldest killer”, “Reason to Die”, “Killer’s Mind”, these are just a few in the list of endless short stories.

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This detective novel was the first longest detective series and it was aired in 1967. Dennis Lynds is the main author of this character and he has won Best Suspense Writer award in 1970 which is a great thing at that time.

All the novels and short stories are truly memorable for an individual who watched this series. Definitely it will showcase their old age days. This series can be a good gift for the loved ones and if they are a fan of this character, it will be a blast for them. One can enjoy the legendary acting of stars of that time.