Dale Bartholomew Cooper or Dale Cooper as he is popularly known amongst his friends and professional circuits is an experienced investigator and protagonist of fictional TV series known as “Twin Peaks”. The role of Dale is portrayed by Kyle MacLachlan. In addition to the role of lead investigator, Dale has also appeared in the prequel film “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me”.

His role in “Twin Peaks” seems to come in front when he is on the duty to investigate brutal homicide of high-school student, Laura Palmer. Dale makes use of several idiosyncratic symbols and demeanours, some of which include, showing ‘thumbs up’ when he feels satisfied; or explicably uttering voices of spirituality; or behaving in a certain humorous way.

What’s more, Dale is fond of cherries and coffee. He simply cannot resist them. All these demeanours make Dale a personality unique by every means and methods.

Yet another unique disposition of Dale is recording spoken-word tapes of an arcane woman named ‘Diane’ into the microcassette recorder. Dale is always in the habit of carrying the microcassette recorder as the part of his attire, where he can observe the thoughts and utter the observations on the current cases.

Dale’s appearance also appears as a prominent cameo in Video Game -The Blair Witch Project: Episode 1: Rustin Parr. In addition, Dale is also seen in “a damn fine cup of coffee,” where he’s sitting in the Burkettsville diner eating Pie.

Dale is born on April 19, 1959, and graduated from Haverford College. He has astounding introspective personality, having interest in the mystical studies, especially learning about the religion and culture of Tibet and Native American mythology.

As compared to other fictional detectives, Dale effectively makes use of intuition and dreams. You’d find him using his intellectual power very rarely. As an important investigator at Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dale is working efficiently with the partner Windom Earle.

It is most likeable that Dale would be very soon working under FBI Chief Gordon Cole. The chief, in the past, have handled and experienced sensitive mysterious ‘Blue Rose’ cases.

Dale likes his town and the people around there. Over the years, he has earned his own reputation among the people in the town. On arrival to his hometown ‘Twin Peaks,’ Dale is respected and honoured by Sheriff Harry S. Truman and his deputies, Deputy Tommy “Hawk” Hill and Deputy Andy Brennan.

Dale’s only stronghold relationship outside the townspeople is his understanding friendship with Agent Albert Rosenfield.

Dale has respect for Rosenfield’s medical skills, but then, on the contrary, he shows absolutely little tolerance about the behaviour that Albert shows to the people in the town when they come to him to seek his medical advice.

Dale also feels emotionally disturbed after he lost Caroline. Often he cribs within himself for not saving her life.

To be precise, Dale is a personality in whom you can see every shade. There’s love of a professional investigator, besides solving problematic cases of burglary and homicide.

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