Craig Kennedy is quite different from other genres of fictional detectives out there. He is intellectual, he is well educated, and he knows the real scientific area which needs to be addressed.

What’s more, he does follow the crime in a logical way by using his intellect and education. Craig Kennedy or Professor Craig Kennedy was described and created by Arthur B. Reeve. He is of the likes of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Thorndyke.

Just like them, Kennedy belongs to genre of scientific detectives. He plays logic and calculates every movement of crime in a scientific way. Hardly would you find a philosophical way.

Craig Kennedy is adept in the knowledge of knowledge of chemistry and psychoanalysis, and it is this very knowledge that he puts into solving the case.

Kennedy is also from the genres of one of those detectives who use advanced gadgets such as lie detectors, gyroscopes, and portable seismographs to follow the crime and book the criminals. This also helps him in judging the reality of the statements made by the suspect.

With the help of a lie detector his reach to the criminal becomes extremely fast, and this further adds credibility to the case. Craig Kennedy, with all his acts and the art of solving the crimes using the scientific intellect ultimately made him the classic living example for the American scientific detectives and their adventures.

You have never come across any fictional detective character until recently who can solve a heinous crime such as homicide by just careful analysis of the suspect, or for that matter from the crime scene evidence.

This and much more is done by utilizing the abilities available in Craig Kennedy. His character gives the platform and the real impetus to other modern day detectives such as creation of later characters such as Doc Savage and Batman.

Professor Craig Kennedy for the first time appeared in 1910 issue of Cosmopolitan, titled “The Case of Helen Bond.” Kennedy later also showed the presence in 1930s pulp magazines, Complete Detective Novel Magazine, Dime Detective, Popular Detective, Weird Tales etc.

There are many different occasion where he is helped by friends and other police officials to provide him with all the details that relates to the crime and the criminal. These details help Kennedy to solve the crime case with confidence.

However, most of the time you’d find him solving the crime cases all by his own scientific knowledge, and leaning to nobody for the help. You’d find him to be the best detective who keeps balance of mind even during the sensitive situations.

Craig Kennedy is one of the rare genres of scientific detectives who have the innate power to dissolve the crime quite playfully without using the benefit of doubt. Every crime committed has sensitive facts associated with it, but ultimately, he is the one who beats all the sensitivities and brings out the criminal.

When it is crime, he does all the investigations quite religiously. See him doing all that scientific reasoning in the Sherlock Holmes manner!

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