Cool and Lam is a fictional American private detective firm, that is the centre of a series of detective novels written by Erle Stanley Gardner, using the pen name of A.A. Fair.

It is suppose to be one of the all – time great mismatched team – ups in detective fiction. Bertha Cool is an extra large widow and penny pincher and she is the head of B. Cool Confidential Investigation.

Her partner is Donald Lam and he has the ability to twist and bend the law, while Bertha is prone to just out and out break it. She says about Donald Lam “he is a little runt, but he is brainy”. His primary weapon is his brain. It is said that together they are one of the best teams of P.I.s with colourful characters.

In 1958 a pilot was aired by CBS, starring Billy Pearson and Benay Venuta as Lam and Cool. The film was directed by Jacques Tourneur but the film never developed into a series. But there are 29 novels.

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