China Smith, played by Dan Duryea, was first introduced in 1952. China Smith was a Singapore – based private detective who ran his office in a bar.

He always used to wear a white suite but was a rough-and-tumble kind of guy who doesn’t hesitate to use both gun and fists.

He always protected the scheming Shira (“Empress”), a dame in the Dragon Lady mold played by Myrna Dell. His detective work took place all over Singapore, Asia and the Orient.

The series ran from 1952 to 1955 with 52 episodes. The first season of 26 episodes was called China Smith and the second season was called The New Adventures of China Smith.

Robert Dennis scripted the show and Arthur Peirson and Edward Mann directed. Tableau Television Ltd. made the shootings and the series was distributed by National Telefilm Associates.

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