Bulldog Drummond wealthy former WWI officer of the fictional Loamshire Regiment has been designed as a British fictional character, which has been devised from the intellect of “Sapper,” a pseudonym of Herman Cyril McNeile.

Bulldog, after the war is over begins to live a life full of adventure and energy. He gives his life a complete new start as he undertakes the job of private detective.

To give one line description to Bulldog, you can state that he’s a man who fights hard, plays hard and lives clean. Though he does not have charming face, he has the personality that portrays his confidence.

His eyes show him as a sportsman and an adventurer, and of course his attractive eyes seem to be primary source of envy to many a beautiful woman.

Drummond is one of those very few detectives who like to play fast and loose with the law, until it helps him in solving the crime, and makes the culprit booked under the law. Such is the disposition and working style of Drummond that he is likes among the clan of private detectives.

As with the very nature of his job, he maintains complete secrecy in his work, and handles all the sensitive crime cases without making anybody his primary confidential source.

He is the one who is always ready to detect the source of a crime through his analytical bent of mind. You would never find him feeling lethargic or tired. Drummond is the detective who loves to be on duty, irrespective of the fact whether it is broad daylight or at the night.

Bulldog Drummond takes much less time in solving the crime cases as taken by his competitors. And why not, he as all the years of military service backing him in the background! He considers being detective as his past time, but that doesn’t means that he is not serious with those criminals roaming around freely.

Drummond is a British officer who has taken to investigation out of sheer interest. He begins the investigation of the extortion case of a beautiful girl, and he does it in a righteous way. He makes all the efforts and applies every kind of tactic to get the girl out of the hurdle. Bulldog Drummond can be called a hobbyist, but what he does is completely professional. He doesn’t show any kind of any lethargic attitude while solving the case.

Whatever, he does, he does it to book the criminals and bring them to justice. Bulldog Drummond is a muscular man with a sportive built up. He is helped in the investigations by a group of followers.

He is the type of investigator who loves to be serious in solving the case. He loves his profession, and prior to this, he loved his job as well.

Drummond’s real work can be seen in the episode “Black Gang” where his follower, a sergeant-major imprisons saboteurs on a Scottish island. To end, Drummond is a farsighted and sharp minded individual by all means.

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