Boston Blackie is a fictional protagonist and the character who is the result of creative mind of author Jack Boyle. During the initial years of her life, Boston Blackie works as a professional jewel thief and safecracker.

However, in the latest adaptations of his character for films and television, he turns out to be a smart detective, who solves complex cases of crime in his or her own subtle ways. He is an honest enemy to those who turn against him or those who are not from the civilized lot.

Likewise, he shows his undue curtsey and is a good crony to those who have no true friends in the world.

He is a detective to give all the good work a final countdown. You will not see Blackie doing something fishy that would make the society turn against him, especially after he abandoned the role of jewel thief.

As Boston Blackie is a reformed jewel thief, the eye of suspicion always rests on him, when any robbery or crime is committed in his area. This is because the local police have to provide the answers for his work, and it is only possible once they nab Blackie and nail the lie.

And therefore, in order to shed off the suspicion put on him, he starts investigating the case with the help of his contacts and friends whom he know since the times when he was jewel thief.

He investigates the crime personally without taking support of any police official. He uses his personal intellect and solves the crime.

Blackie does it all as the means to self protect him from the police officials. He is the one who has learnt lot of tricks as a jewel thief. And he is pretty aware on how to come out from the entanglement of the law. This makes Blackie all the more special.

He is a civilian cop, who is not serving in any kind of secret service, but yet, he has all the power and intelligence to be the best cop on the crime scene. Boston Blackie in order to solve the crime uses many sorts of disguises. All these tactics keeps him protected from the police officials, and the law in particular.

Every crime which is committed in his area makes him all the more suspicious, and since he is quite familiar with the handiwork and modus operandi of the crime, he can solve the crime and nab the criminals in a better way than anybody else.

He is not any body’s lovers, but he loves people who love him. He does all his tasks smartly and maneuvres all through the time.

Though occasionally you come to know about the comical instincts of Blackie, but that has nothing to do with the crime he solves.

He is efficient and great problem solver who knows everything about the wrong side and the right side.

He is judgmental and equivocal about every aspect of life. Boston Blackie is the man with a multifaceted personality.

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