Barnaby Jones is a popular television detective series. It is a creative and spin-off kind of detective series designed by Cannon, comprising Buddy Ebsen and Lee Meriwether as father and daughter-in-law respectively.

Father and daughter-in-law are working as professional private investigators in Los Angeles, and both of them have plenty of real and hard work to keep themselves busy all through the day and night.

The high TRP charts detective series dominated CBS from January 28, 1973 to April 3, 1980. The plots that are unfolded by Barnaby are complex in many ways. The murderer is at large; there are very few conditions showing the footprints of a criminal; and moreover, there are plenty of complex situations out there, and everything seems to be in a state of awry.

Though, initially it is seen that Barnaby Jones has said good bye to his profession. All these years he has been investigating critical cases of murder, burglary and forgery, but with growing age, he has become completely tired of all these things, and wants to secure peaceful life.

As the part of his retirement scheme, Barnaby Jones turns his son named Hal. He teaches him all the tactics of private investigations, and also teaches him on how to use the stealth techniques to take over the adversary.

But, it is very unfortunate to hear that Hal is murdered by his adversary during the course of one of the investigations. This makes the father, Barnaby Jones all broken, but completely filled with anger and pain, and soon he decided to avenge the murder of his son by booking the murderer.

It is this very reason that ultimately makes Barnaby Jones decide to recluse back into investigation. As a diehard investigator he begins the investigations. He does it all what he can to bring his son’s murderer to limelight and justice.

It is a great ordeal, but finally, Barnaby Jones does it with patience and immense confidence. Supporting his father-in-law, Betty Jones (played by Lee Meriwether) also comes into picture.

She is equally imposing and filled with complete anguish and pain and diehard to get her husband’s murderer to the gallows. Further beyond, ultimately both decide that they would solve the case together and will keep the investigative agency open and working.

As opposite to the regular hard drinking type detectives, Jones is somewhat unusual. When he comes to the restaurant or a bar for that matter, he always orders milk. He’s one of the oldie detectives who are pretty conscious about his health and body system. He is concerned about good habits, and even sometimes offers advice to his daughter-in-law.

Towards the end, you find Jones nabbing his son’s murderer in a tough direct fight.

Barnaby Jones has the intellectual presence and logical reasoning working in the right direction even at odd 60s.

He manages all in the right way. And that’s where the real investigator comes into the action.

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