Ashton-Kirk, Investigator is the character created by John T McIntyre that is worth of great personality attributes and amazing investigative style. He has more than any detective can really think of having.

He has the mush; he has the professionalism; and moreover, he has the astute intellect to nab the criminals and thwart malpractices occurring anywhere around.

Ashton-Kirk, has to his credit many complex and sensitive mysteries. He has solved them all by utilizing all his intellect and presence of mind. He is young, wealthy and belongs to high social strata.

However, Ashton belongs to class of untiring investigator who falls on the crime and the criminals like a lash. He passes on the smile when somebody addressees him with detective. He politely says, “No; only an investigator.”

When you think of Ashton as a detective, you come to know about many of his crime solving capabilities. Likewise, when you see him solving the case, you would automatically become his fan.

Ashton is the rarest breed of investigators who has intellect, and crime solving capabilities integrated into one entity. He’s the one who sees the criminals as human beings beyond correction, and to correct their identities, Ashton does it in all possible and impossible ways.

Ashton-Kirk, Investigator is respected among his clan of investigators, and he is also popular in solving the murder mysteries with a within wink of the second. You can think of this smart investigator who has all the mush to take the case to complete and justified end.

There’s always a kind of smartness with which Ashton handles and carries on the development of criminal case.

He is the investigator that cannot be taken advantage of by the criminals. He solves the crime through the means of deductive investigation. There’s no surprising attitude, and there’s nothing that confuses him.

All is done with calculation, and when you are calculating, there are chances of achieving success, and this is what Ashton does in all his cases.

Ashton lives in a uniquely built house, which is clear from the description as seen in the statement – a square-built house with tall, small-paned windows and checkered with black-headed brick.

Ashton is assisted by his acolyte, while Ashton does all the investigations.

All the investigations are carried out by taking into consideration different aspects. He analyzes the case on different parameters and it is only after the form analyses that he makes a further move.

Ashton is the real research guy, and all his research is done taking into consideration the real time situation and the preconditions coupled with the case.

Ashton knows from his heart that what he’d be dealing with is going to be really fishy, and therefore, he keeps himself ready for any untoward incident.

You cannot think of him as an individual who wants to feel lethargic when it comes to deal with the case professionally.

Ashton-Kirk, Investigator is among those very few investigators who has the professionalism and investigative skills that lead to envious colleagues.

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