Arsène Lupin is a fictional character who is the protagonist detective of the book series of detective fiction / crime fiction novels. The novel has been penned down by French writer Maurice Leblanc.

Besides, the book series, numerous non-canonical sequels have been made. Further, there have been many film, television, stage play and comic book adaptations as well.

Arsene Lupin is a gentleman thief who is as popular as Sherlock Holmes in French speaking countries. Lupin was introduced by the short stories serialized in the magazine Je Sais Tout, back in the 1905.

Originally, Arsene was known and popular by the name of Arsène Lupin, but later controversies arose as the local politician bearing the same name showed the protest. As the result, Arsène Lopin finally changed to Arsene Lupin.

Arsène Lupin has the role and character similar to hi literary descendant of Pierre Alexis Ponson du Terrail’s Rocambole. Lupin works on the wrong side of the law but for the sake of the good.

He is a kind of undercover cop who is always in the company of wrong guys, but ultimately, he emerges out the winner by killing those very hardcore type criminals. To be precise, Lupin has the status similar to the Simon Templar of early 20th century France.

Arsene Lupin defeated the criminals always in the gallic style, and this made him the talk of the town. His disguise was never noticed, and he always presented an extraordinary mien before the criminals.

Similarly, on the other hand, he was altogether a different personality when he fought the crime living in the web of criminals. In this manner, you can call Arsene as the person living in dual personality, to clear the filth from the society.

He is always on the mission, whether he is outside or inside the bad dragnet. You cannot charge him, because, he is already charged. He has something that puts him on the front of others.

When it is Lupin, you know from your mind that something good is going to happen, as something bad would get highlighted.

There are bad groups operating in the town, and in order to fish these bad groups out of the city, Lupin has to become bad. It is this very badness in Lupin that ultimately purges the society from all the filth, and makes it clean to live.

Arsene Lupin is a detective good living among the bad and the hardcore group of criminals. You can find Lupin in the most unobvious ways, where you thought him to be the criminal, but on the second instance you find him busting the same gang.

He is a professional, a sentimental lover and all the more a really really bad and gruesome detective for criminals.

There are many attributes that make him stand different from the other detectives in the city.

Arsene Lupin is known for his intellect and foresight to track down the criminals without even letting them know who has done it.

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