Amos Burke is the protagonist of Burke’s Law – which was a popular detective series aired on ABC from 1963 to 1965, and later aired on the CBS in the year domain of 1990s. Burke is also assisted by his son in the revival.

Amos is the best police detective that the department has, and this is further shown by his exemplary courage and fighting with the criminals face to face. We find Amos in a tough working with the best means to solve the even the most crucial cases within time.

Amos is the detective on mission to expedite his work and bring laurels to his department. He is also helped in the mission by his teammates, who in turn have supreme faith in him.

Though he seems to be the romantic guy, he also has the courage to put a tough resistance to the hardcore criminals. Amos is made from tough and hard skin, and this is clearly shown in the war between him and hardcore criminals. At times, he makes direct indulgence in the gang war, and takes his team by awe.

There’s no doubt that Amos Burke has a dedicated team, and at times, he professes his preaching to them, which are summed under the Burke’s Law as “Never ask a question unless you already know the answer.

He seems to be the detective of wisdom and professorial habits, when he guides his colleagues and team mates during the investigations. Amos is of the type where he has nothing of bad sort, but all his actions justify what he actually teaches or professes his teammates.

Amos Burke, millionaire Los Angeles Chief of Detectives, who moves in his lordly manner in the chauffer driven Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II. He has his own prestige and richness that he always carries with him. Burke is one personality detective who has many personalities in him.

He is a detective agent, and not just a detective agent, but the best detective agent in whole of Los Angeles. His demeanours and body language speaks of his power and intellect to resolve even the most sensitive crimes committed in the city.

Amos Burke is not any kind of fishy police detective chief. He has with him honesty and astute professionalism, and this makes him the most admired police chief detective. He speaks on the issues with subtle charm and makes his cronies amazed with his style of talking.

You cannot simple take this police chief detective just for anything. You ought to know that he is the one who has everything.

He has the courage to fight with criminals of any sort; he has the style of presentation; he has the power to contain the crime in the city; and above all he has a superb team to work under him.

You cannot take him to be a soft detective who’d take the crime just in a pass. Think of Burke in terms of Burke’s Law of Detectives, and you’d be able to understand clearly.

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