Lincoln Rhyme & Amelia Sachs is an amazing book series created and developed by popular writer Jeffery Deaver. The series describes in detail about the pursuits of Lincoln and Amelia as they exploit the crimes in their locality and hunt for the witnesses to close down on the criminals.

Both the characters play important and quite significant role in solving the city crimes and dealing with bad guys in a good and awesome city.

Lincoln Rhyme & Amelia Sachs and other crew members form the core of the Rhyme series who are busy and involved in stopping the maniac killers from killing people on the road and in the city, besides handling grave drug pedalling issues.

As of Lincoln Rhyme, he’s a kind of hard nuts with aggressive tone and scientific bent of mind who is actively involved in forensic work to join the missing links of complex cases.

Lincoln is a retired criminalist left as a quadriplegic as the result of severe accident in underground subway, and which he met with, while solving one of those gruesome cases. Lincoln’s central nervous system is damaged as the result of wound suffered in 4th cervical vertebrae.

Most part of Rhyme’s spinal cord is destroyed, and this has eventually made him partially paralyzed. Lincoln now has control on his head, shoulders, and left ring finger. He undergoes rehabilitation and physiotherapy, but later it is found that his health starts playing hide and seek with him, and reaches to the stage of extreme deterioration.

Lincoln Rhyme has an intellect and expertise to put all the pieces of crime together, and in the event, he is helped by Amelia Sachs.

Both create an effective plot to track down the criminals out there moving free on the city roads. Both the characters from Lincoln Rhyme series have good physical personality and both of them can easily handle complex cases and draw them to their completion.

Lincoln Rhyme has deep interest in solving the cases where there is no link between the crime and the criminal.

He is one of those intellectual criminalists who loves to get into puzzles and riddles and solves the crime by connecting the facts which are either not at all there, or if they are, there’s least possibility to find them, unless forensic examinations are not done.

Lincoln loves Amelia, who is also a protégé. Her love for Lincoln is also of a serious type. You simply find the love and devotion between Lincoln and Amelia reaching the extremes.

Both have responsibilities, and both of them love their jobs and also being together.

There’s a love story of Amelia Sachs & Lincoln Rhyme in the Lincoln series, and this love story provides interest to the readers.

There’s action too, but most of the action is done by Lincoln, and it is his love for his profession that he is always loved and liked by the colleagues of his department.

Lincoln is an intellectual detective who is adept in solving heinous crimes through science.

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