Aloysius Pendergast is a fictional character from the series written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Pendergast first appeared in the supporting role in novels like Relic, and in its sequel Reliquary. The character later turned into full-fledged role in series titled, The Cabinet of Curiosities.

Pendergast is an active detective and a special agent who’s working with the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He has unique and dynamic personality, cultural etiquettes and all the more supernatural capabilities.

Pendergast is working in New Orleans, Louisiana branch of the FBI, but, many a times, pertaining to the nature of the cases involved, he has to travel abroad. He is a good investigator, and that is why FBI offers him to handle complicated cases, especially those involving serial killers.

Aloysius Pendergast has a chauffeur driven 1959 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith. The series depict Pendergast’s chauffer in the mysterious light. His driver’s name is Proctor. The attire adorned by Pendergast looks awesome and stunning. All of his suits are custom-designed in Italy, whereas, the shoes have been hand-made by John Lobb from the London store.

He always carries customized .45 Calibre Les Baer Government Model M1911 pistol in “The Cabinet of Curiosities.” However, in the series titled, “Relic” is seen as five-shot .45 Colt Anaconda double action.

However, this weapon does not actually exist. It is because, the Colt Anaconda otherwise has a six-shot capacity, having a .44 Magnum bore, rather than having the older and the less powerful version .45 Long Colt cartridge. On different occasions, Pendergast also talks about “Signature Grade” designed by Florida gunsmith, and which is hardly seen working from his hypnotherapy session.

Aloysius Pendergast preserves an apartment at The Dakota in New York City, and later he bequeaths Beaux Arts mansion from his great grand uncle, and which is seen in the series, The Cabinet of Curiosities. The mansion is located in Harlem.

The apartment, in which Pendergast resides, has a fabulous and lush green zen garden, and he uses it as a meditative ground to increase his concentration, before he takes on a new challenge.

Pendergast is the man of science, but he is also superstitious deep from his heart. His neck adorns talisman or amulet tied in a chain, and having lidless eye over one new and one full moons supported by Phoenix.

What’s more, has also got self protection tools like lock picks, flashlights, test tubes, syringes, and forensic chemicals. Pendergast graduated from Harvard summa cum laude in the year 1982.

He later studied and specialized in Anthropology, and studied Ph.D. at Oxford University in Classics and Philosophy.

Most of Pendergast’s family wealth comes from pharmaceuticals and over the years his family has turned old, and they have finally taken settlement in New Orleans.

There are allusions in the series, which show that most of the family fortune came from the selling of patent medicine (“snake oil”).

It is also known that family customer’s have also suffered from severe permanent injuries, besides, sudden death.

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