Adrian Monk is a fictional character portraying a role of private detective who works for San Francisco Police Department. He was suspended from the department after the death of his wife, Trudy. His wife was intentionally killed and this tragedy drove Monk to suffer from a disorder.

Adrian Monk was experiencing a severe turmoil in his mind, which is known as obsessive compulsive disorder and was also a sufferer of phobias. Due to these disorders, Monk was suspended from the Police Department and began with the private eye investigation.

To come up from the sickness, he undergoes different therapies which help him to keep a control over his phobias and investigate the cases appropriately. The series became very popular among the people and to make the series more interesting, Tony Shalhoub was chosen to portray the character that could keep up the humour, as well as the passion for solving mysteries.

Tony Shalhoub was treasured a lot for his excellent performance and he also won several awards like Primetime Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards to name a few.


Adrian Monk uses his own techniques to solve the mysteries. Although the murder of his wife Trudy makes him suffer from the disorder, but his determination helps him to recover soon and come back as a private detective.

Like other fictional characters in crime novels, Adrian Monk also has an assistant who has zero detective capabilities and a brother who also possesses some incredible abilities which he uses for solving mysteries.

Monk suffers from 312 phobias including sharp or pointed objects, vomiting, crowds, snakes and elevators to name a few. Due to being a part of such phobias, Monk always avoids touching anything bare hand so that germs do not catch him and he also avoids eating anything that people have already touched before.

This is what makes him so dependent upon his assistants. His first every assistant was a nurse who helped Monk to recover from his illness, but later on, started to serve him as a personal assistant. After a couple of years, her first assistant returns back to her ex-husband and marries him and then Natalie Teeger joins Monk as his assistant.

Adrian Monk suffers from an obsession to note down every minute detail and this is what makes him so proficient in solving the cases. Although being suffering from various disorders and phobias, he manages to grab hold of all the evidences and link them to solve the mysteries.

Adrian Monk – Personally

Adrian Monk was born on 15th October 1959 and his father dumped the complete family when Monk was just eight year old. In the year 1994, Monk’s mother died.

His wife Trudy was also murdered for some reasons and his agoraphobic brother thinks that Trudy was killed in his presence and so he takes himself as a culprit.

While dealing with different cases, he also finds clues for his wife’s murder and comes to know that the bomb in the car which targeted Trudy was actually kept there to kill Monk.

The entire series is fun to watch and people can enjoy all the seasons of Adrian Monk.

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