John Shaft

John Shaft is a famous fictional detective character created by well know novelist and screen writer Ernest Tidyman. The fictional character created by Ernest was actually the answer of African American issues that were prominent in 1970’s and John Shaft was compared with James Bond.

John Shaft is a private eye detective who solves and investigates various cases so as to facilitate people. The novel was well appreciated by the readers and this ever increasing popularity helped the work of fiction to be presented as a movie named “Shaft”. The movie featuring John starring Richard Roundtree in the main lead role was again a big hit on the television.

Shaft – The Movie

The first scene of the movie clearly portrays John (Richard) as a private eye detective who walks through the New York City where he visits a shoeshine parlor. John has already been informed that a gangster is looking for him and by the time he enters the parlor, a police lieutenant, Vic Androzzi keeps outside to get more information about that gangster.

However, the police lieutenant fails to do that and so he leaves immediately. The moment police leave the spot, John figures out that someone is waiting for him in his office building. Two gangsters who have been following Shaft are interrogated and some of them are also thrown out of the window.

In the mean time, one of the persons in the gang reveals Shaft that Bumpy, the leader of gangster wanted to meet him and knock out him in his office. When Shaft meets Vic in the police station he lies to the officers about the fight with the gangster in the building and returns back to his building, as he was asked by the person to meet there within 48 hours.

After returning back to his office, he arranges a meeting with the leader of the uptown gangster, Bumpy and makes out that his daughter has been kidnapped. John is asked by Bumpy to get his daughter back and for this purpose John starts finding Ben Buford, who was a part of “the movement”, but Ben, at that time is having a meeting, so John returns back home. The same evening, John runs into the police lieutenant and makes out that Ben’s other members have been murdered. Due to this reason, Shaft along with Ben hides quickly in a building, but Vic informs him that Shaft was the target and not Ben.

The race war has been clearly depicted in the movie, as two gangsters are seen fighting against each other revealing the issues of black against white. The unique ways of Shaft that he uses to investigate the case are well admired by the people and it also led the movie to become a chartbuster. Isaac Hayes won Academy Award for the Best Original Song and “Theme from Shaft” was also nominated for Golden Globe Awards. In the later years, Shaft’s Big Score and Shaft in America were also released again starring Richard Roundtree as John Shaft, the Master Detective.

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