Ellery Queen

Ellery Queen was an amazing character that gained much hype due to the incredible roles. Ellery Queen served as hero detective as well as author in the novels or books. Frederic Dannay and Manfred Lee both wrote detective fiction novels on Ellery Queen. Dannay was also the director and co – founder of the famous mystery magazine, Ellery Queen Mystery magazine.

This magazine was one of the most successful magazines of that time. It also got award for the magazine in the category of mystery story awards. The character Ellery Queen was created by of course Lee and Dannay in 1928 during the writing contest. They were inspired by the style and formula of Philo Vance which made them win the contest.

Several radio shows of Ellery Queen were broadcasted on almost all the networks. The radio shows were channeled from 1938 to 1948. There are several quiz shows also related to Ellery Queen show. The show owners asked questions from the audiences and they offered prizes to winners. Several TV shows were also broadcasted of Ellery Queen.

Adventures of Ellery Queen were the famous TV show DuMont TV Network but later it moved on to ABC network. One of the best TV shows of this wonderful character is “don’t look behind you” which was the best of that time. There are still several people who love to watch the programs of this wonderful character.

Numerous films are also available related to this character and some of the names of films include Spanish Cape Mystery, Mandarin Mystery, Master Detective, Ellery Queen, The perfect crime and Ellery Queen, Close call for Ellery Queen, The desperate chance for Ellery Queen and many others.

These are just a few in the list as it is not possible to mention all the films and novels of this great character. There are several graphic novels and comic books available of this character. Numerous audiences love comic books of this character as they are quite interesting to read.

Apart from comics and books there are numerous jigsaw puzzles and board games available. Some of the games naming Ellery Queen are “Ellery Queen Great Mystery game”, “case of the Assassin by Ellery Queen” and “Ellery Queen Mystery magazine game”. All these games are quite popular among people due to their superior quality of graphics and amazing sound quality.

However, this is not an end as there are numerous novels and short stories also published that explain the life and mysteries of Ellery Queen.

Some of the famous novels of Ellery Queen are – Roman hat mystery, French powder mystery, Dutch shoe mystery, lamp of God, Chinese orange mystery, The door between, Calamity town, Ten day’s wonder and many other novels that are liked by most people.

There are art collections of two true crime stories based on this character which include, “Ellery Queen International Case Book” and “The Woman in the Case”. One can purchase a whole collection of Films based on this character at any retail or online stores. Online stores are the best way to find these films as one needs to do some hard research to find the collections.

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